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ITP: mod-log-spread

Sorry, I forgot sending a copy to debian-devel, so I'll repost it.
This ITP was already recorded on the BTS

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Serverity: wishlist 

I intend to package "mod_log_spread" and to find sponsor.

Source: mod-log-spread

Package: libapache-mod-log-spread
Description: apache distributed log method.
 mod_log_spread was created to allow ease of management of log files for
 large web farms.  Maintaining local log files across 10's or 100's of hosts
 is a huge time drag and a sizeable performance hit.  Centralized logging 
 allows for single point monitoring of all web traffic.  Multicasting allows
 for multiple redundant log listeners/writers to be brought up dynamically
 with no performance impact or re-configuration.  mod_log_spread was written
 as a patch/enhancement to Apache's mod_log_config which supplied a perfect
 and complete framework on which to build out the desired functionality.

Package: spreadlogd
Description: distributed log daemon.

ARAKI Yasuhiro

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