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Re: potato bugs...(ugh)

David Nusinow (2001-04-11 01:45:23 -0700) :

> If we want a cuter, more "girl friendly" logo, [...]

Someone please contact the Kitty-chan / Hello Kitty people...  Or
Hayao Miyazaki (remember Mei the li'l sister in the Totoro anime?).

  Now, do we *want* to be cute?  I thought that we were the only
distro "where code matters more than commercials"...  I like cute, of
course, but maybe we should focus more on the bugs themselves and less
on the logos.

Roland Mas

C   c e    e l    m  re q   j  l   a l  l  iè e  .
  -- Signatures à collectionner, série n°1, partie 3/3.

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