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Re: swapping partitions including /


Quoting Svante Signell (svante.signell@telia.com):
> Anyone has a good solution to exchange / mounted on /dev/sda5 and /tmp
> mounted on /dev/sda9. The reason is space problems with /
> I've moved around partitions earlier using cp -a, but not / What
> about mounting/rebounting/unmounting / etc? What about the boot sector?
> Pointers?
For the swapping part, you can use 'pivot_root', in the newer util-linux
distributions. As far as i know, pivot_root is not in the debian version
A 'pivot_root . /tmp', when executed in /tmp will leave you with a /dev/sda5
on /tmp, and /dev/sda9 on /.
I use this to mount a reiserfs root-filesystem on an lvm volume. 


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