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Re: ITP: libmpeg3 -- an mpeg audio and video decoding library

Joshua Haberman <joshua@debian.org> writes:
JH> * Ivan E. Moore II (rkrusty@tdyc.com) wrote:
 IEM> It appears it's going to clash with an already existing package:
 IEM> Package: libmpeg1
JH> I don't see why it would. "3" is a part of the name of the library, not
JH> a version number, similar to Imlib2. You'd link against it with -lmpeg3,
JH> which would distinguish it from libmpeg (where 1 is just the version
JH> number).

This seems like it's only going to cause problems.  In particular,
there's an inevitable naming clash if there are two more major-version 
releases of libmpeg, which doesn't seem unlikely.

Is libmpeg3 substantially different from libmpeg?  If so, it might be
a good idea to use a different name for Debian, like possibly

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