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A problem with Build-Depends

(I'm not on this list, please Cc: dmartin@cliftonlabs.com replies.)

I maintain cdparanoia and a couple of other small packages.  There was a
new version upstream, so I've build a new package using dpkg-dev,
debhelper, and friends from unstable (minus a couple of days.)

Lintian is saying to me:
~/debian> lintian cdparanoia_3a9.8-1.dsc 
E: cdparanoia source: package-uses-debhelper-but-lacks-build-depends

But in my control file I have:
Source: cdparanoia
Build-Depends: libc6-dev
Build-Depends-Indep: gcc
Section: sound
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Dale E. Martin <dmartin@debian.org>
Standards-Version: 3.1.0

a) Why is lintian complaining?
b) Are my Build-Depends simply silly?  (I.e. is it safe to assume you've
got gcc and libc6-dev installed if you're building a package?)

Dale E. Martin, Clifton Labs, Inc.
Senior Computer Engineer
pgp key available

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