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dist-upgrade and perl packages

I haven't dist-upgraded testing in quite a few weeks, and now it
wants to remove a bunch of perl-related packages:

 The following packages will be REMOVED:
   apt-move console-apt console-data data-dumper gnome-apt html2ps
   libapache-mod-perl libapache-session-perl libcgi-pm-perl libfltk-dev
   libgtk-perl libpaper libterm-readkey-perl pdl perl-5.004 perl-5.004-base
   perl-5.004-debug perl-5.004-suid perl-5.005 perl-tk perlmagick smtm

and change perl:

 The following packages will be upgraded
   [cut] perl-5.005-base perl-base

Is that simply because those packages haven't been repackaged foe
a new perl yet?  Nothing to worry about? (Except I won't have
apt-move to move the 130 MB of downloaded stuff afterwards...)



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