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Re: Packages still using /usr/doc in unstable

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> I have to disagree with you Dale.
> Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > My point is that bug age does not indicate maintainer appathy. 
> No, the lack of uploads and the lack of a maintainer reponse in
> the BTS is the only thing we can go by.

How can there be a "lack of a maintainer reponse" when the maintainer has
never been contacted of the intent to NMU? That is all I'm asking for!
Contact me BEFORE you upload an NMU, and preferably before you work on

I have no problem, if the maintainer fails to reply, with an NMU. My whole
and complete complaint is that I only hear about the NMU after the fact.
My maintainership is being completely ignored, and I might as well go do
something else entirely, as waste my time working on something that
someone else is free to stomp on with no more authority than an old bug

> One could argue that it's the maintainer who wasted the NMU'er's time.

Then the maintainer is irrelevant, and we can all go home and let qa put
out the next release. Talking to the maintainer through the BTS after the
fact is a slap in the face.

Feeling unappreciated,

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