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Re: Digital Rights Management


I really don't see a reference to debian specifically in your letter, 
but I'm pretty sure that by you posting here, you mean to imply such
a reference. If this is not the case, we both know your post belongs
FAR elsewhere. However, being an artist/musician myself, this strikes
a chord (erm, sorry :)

Everything else being off topic here, I'll reply to that by saying 
that debian does not rip people off. Napster does, and does so by
placing infrastructure such that people can (1) obtain copyrighted 
material in a way contrary to the desires of artists, and (2) continue 
same even if all the -main- servers are shut down: people can then 
download from each other.

If I notice people trying to use technology I have control over to
rip anyone off, they get shut down immediately.


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