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Re: Digital Rights Management

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 12:27:10 -0800
Jim Lynch <jim@laney.edu> wrote:

> Hi.
> I really don't see a reference to debian specifically in your letter, 
> but I'm pretty sure that by you posting here, you mean to imply such
> a reference. If this is not the case, we both know your post belongs
> FAR elsewhere. However, being an artist/musician myself, this strikes
> a chord (erm, sorry :)
> Everything else being off topic here, I'll reply to that by saying 
> that debian does not rip people off. Napster does, and does so by
> placing infrastructure such that people can (1) obtain copyrighted 
> material in a way contrary to the desires of artists, and (2) continue 
> same even if all the -main- servers are shut down: people can then 
> download from each other.
> If I notice people trying to use technology I have control over to
> rip anyone off, they get shut down immediately.

Courtney Love wrote a rather lengthy and detailed article a while back about how it's not Napster et al that's ripping off music artists, but the record labels. It boils down to this: just how much money do you get from your label? Anything? How are _you_ affected by file-sharing networks like Napster? Why do _you_ (_not_ your label) give a damn about it?

> -Jim



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