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Re: holding packages

Today, The nameless One <xsdg@softhome.net> wrote:
> AFAICT, in keeping with apt-get's current command syntax, it should
> be:
> `apt-get --hold set-status perl perl-base`,
> `apt-get --hold status perl perl-base`,

I think those two are out, for there is no
apt-get --install {set-,}status perl perl-base
either, as it is already covered by apt-get install. 

> or, `apt-get hold perl perl-base`.

apt-get --{toggle,on,off} hold 

with default action on --toggle would be quite nice, IMHO.

> PS.  Is there any way to remove a hold using `dpkg --set-selections`?

it should work by setting the selection to "install" or "deinstall".

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