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Re: automating debconf

Gerd Knorr schrieb:
> How do I make debconf use the noninteractive frontend?  Without
> user interaction, in a script?

Now that's a good question ;)

It's a setting in debconf's config, and it seems that debconf
itself is abusing the database as registry for this setting (and
maybe others). I can't see any dumping of options to any kind of
config file in the postinstall.

The way the initial value for $frontend is determined in
/usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd.pm looks suspicious to me too.

This is a bug in debconf, there should be something like a
/etc/debconf.conf, where you could make it use the
noninteractive frontend by mangling it through sed.

I'm not completely shure about this though, thus no bug but a
cc to the maintainer.

ciao, 2ri
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