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Re: NM frustrations...

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:11:41 +0100, Nils Lohner
<lohner@ecf.teradyne.com> wrote:
>On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 09:46:07 +0100, Marc Haber wrote:
>>Too bad. This does badly damage the project's reputation.
>Debian is made up of only volunteers.  They donate time and effort.  If 
>people annoy them, what reason do they have to continue to work?  Most 
>people do volunteer work because they enjoy it, and if the work 
>environment ceases to be enjoyable, they (obviously) have less 
>initiative to work and may think about stopping etc.

Define "annoy". Me, for example, I am stuck at DAM approval since
November 2000 and thought this would be because I happen to have
release critical bugs in my packages. They have been fixed in the mean
time, the only possible reason for my application being delayed is
that I happened to participate (not start!) in the discussion about
DAM delays.

>The gist of this thread has been to follow the procedure and provide 
>the info your DAM needs, and if that doesn't work, maybe see if another 
>DAM could be assigned. 

_My_ DAM? There is a difference between the AMs (they are assigned
individually to the applicants, and my AM has all info he needs, and
he actually completed my evaluation in November). As far as I know,
the AMs are continously processing applicants and handing them over to
the DAM (one person at the moment). At the DAM stage, you can be lucky
and be processed in a couple of days, or you can wait over half a year
(maximum time at DAM stage is 202 days). You don't have a chance of
knowing _WHY_ you are delayed at DAM stage.

>Please remember we're all volunteers and (re)act appropriately.

Applicants are volunteers too. And I know two applicants who have
withdrawn their application because of delays at the DAM stage. Thus,
valuable workers have been lost to the project, and I actually doubt
that these two people will continue to promote Debian in their work
places for example. Hence, harm has been done to the project, and is
currently being done at this very moment.

>Debian's purpose is to put out a high quality Linux distro.  And 
>despite all the flaws that Debian may have, we seem to accomplish it.  
>If that's what you're interested in helping with, and there's an 
>unresponsive DAM in the way, then IMO you're not trying very hard.

I currently don't see how one can try any more without taking a risk
to annoy the DAM.


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