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Re: Bug in auto-closing of bugs through changelog entries

hi :)

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 03:50:04AM +0100, J?rgen A. Erhard wrote:
> I got a bug-closing notification on #59584.  This bug was reported
> against gltt-bin.  But it was closed by a fetchmail upload!

> So... dinstall (which I *think* does this) check that the bug in a
> Closes clause really belongs to the package being installed.

it seems to be neccessary to be able to close bugs for other packages.
but if this is not the case for your current changelog entry, you could
manually include a safety check.

something like: (fixes packagename#bugnumber) will refuse to close
a bug on packages other than 'packagename'.

how difficult would it be to implement this?

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