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Re: rp-pppoe already in Debian!

On Sat, Feb 10, 2001 at 07:53:57PM -0600, Justin Penney wrote:
> Joerg Friedrich wrote...
> >But Christian seems to be MIA. I recently tried to contact him
> >but he never answered. I asked him to update to newest upstream.
> >
> >I intended to apply as Debian-Developer and overtake (rp-)pppoe.
> >I'm still willing to do just to keep this package up to date. But 
> >if you want to maintain it I do not need to. I packaged latest rp-pppoe
> >(V2.8 released 2001-02-05) which closes all open bugs except one. 
> >You can take a look at 
> >http://iris.rz.uni-konstanz.de/~jfried/rp­pppoe and use it if you like to.
> >
> Yes I am definitely still interested in it. I will also contact the maintainer
> to verify the MIA and take a look at your packages.

I'm sorry if I missed your email. I've packaged 2.6 (and compiled it with
glibc 2.1, so it can go in stable too, to fix the small DoS problem). I
haven't been able to upload it because of GPG key problems (hi James, if
you're reading this... :) ) I put it on
http://master.debian.org/~chrish/pppoe in the meantime. 

Until I get my new key into the Debian keyring, could someone take the
source that's at the URL given above, compile it on a machine running
stable and do an NMU? That way, there'd be a fairly recent, DoS-free
version in Debian...



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