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Re: Packages for using kernel 2.4.x with potato

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Ulrich Eckhardt wrote:

> Through a stream from Adrian Bunk came ...
> < Since it seems noone has already done this: I'll set up an apt-able
> < archive with _all_ the packages someone might need when upgrading the
> < kernel to 2.4.x .  I hope I'll have it ready till Tuesday. I plan to
> < include:
> It might be worthwhile to just make a task-linux2.4 package that depends on
> the below packages. BTW:are there any problems with older kernels when using

Should the task package you propose e.g. depend on reiserfsprogs although
a user doesn't use reiserfs? The packages that are new are only needed
when you use new features/drivers like e.g. reiserfs, iptables or devfs.
That's the reason why i can't see how to make a useful task package.

> the newer utilities ?

When you upgrade modutils you can no longer run a modular 2.0.x kernel.

> uli



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