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Re: Packages for using kernel 2.4.x with potato

Tuesday 13 February 2001 22:51 AD, Adrian Bunk wrote
< Should the task package you propose e.g. depend on reiserfsprogs although
< a user doesn't use reiserfs? The packages that are new are only needed
< when you use new features/drivers like e.g. reiserfs, iptables or devfs.
< That's the reason why i can't see how to make a useful task package.

That was a quick-shot by me indeed. I´m not so sure about it any more.
Still, look at the other task-packages: they all are a collection of packages 
one person considers useful. Almost every part of them is arguable.

For the task-linux2.4-package, I´d include USB support but leave hot 
swapping SCSI out. The task packages are to make Debian run out of the box, 
someone setting up a high-end server isn´t likely to do that. 
For all the other features (eg Reiserfs): do as you deem useful. 

This is not a 'must/can´t' but rather a 'could/shouldn´t' question. The only 
'must' I see is that I gives me warnings/errors if I try to install a 
combination of task-linux2.4 and task-linux2.2 or 2.0 that isn´t running, but 
if it installs a kernel-package, the kernel-package has to depend upon that.

It might be simpler to just add some recommends: to the kernel-package. The 
drawback is that I usually don´t install these ....


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