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Re: NM frustrations...

** On Feb 13, Marcus Brinkmann scribbled:
> > > This would backfire to the trust worthiness of the DAM. People are expected
> > > to keep a lively interest in Debian. If their application seems to be
> > > stalled, and they don't complain, isn't that a sign that they care less?
> > ...I hate to butt in once again on that subject, but what about people whose
> > application is stalled (in the DAM approval stage), they complain (both to
> > their AM and here, on debian-devel) and yet nothing's happening? (yes, yes,
> > I mean yours truly)
> Mine??? You are confused, or I severly misunderstood you. I never had an AM.
No :)) - that's indeed a misunderstanding :). "yours truly" == "my humble
self" == "me" :-)) - I meant myself :). Sorry for that confusion :)

> Maybe you are asking for my opinion (though I am not sure). I have posted my
> view on DAM processing before, so you can look it up in the archive.
I was referring to my own situation and I read your opinions - just my
wording wasn't very accurate, sorry once again :)

> Just in case you misunderstood me in the first place, the above question was
> rhetorical in nature. I don't share the view expressed in the question. This
> way I wanted to point out a seemingly paradox situation.
My answer was similar in spirit - purposfully ironical and rhetorical...

> > application? I asked questions, received no answers - maybe I should call
> > somebody on the phone? Maybe I should fly over to USA or somewhere to ask
> > somebody else in person? I don't care - just want _some_ answer.
> I think your best bet is to ask your application manager what the problem
> is. He should be the first contact person for you with problems in the
> procedure. Try to remain calm but firm.
Well, I asked him and he's as confused as I am - nobody knows anything.
Writing DAM doesn't make sense, I guess, writing here does induce
accusations for flaming - this is becoming a bit annoying, you know.


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