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Re: Open letter to Debian community

Hello, Marcus and other developers!

I need to correct course of discussion. Yes, people don't have a lot
of money here.  Yes, sometimes they are even starving in some regions
of Russia. But! Everyone, who wants to have debian distribution gets
it. Firm, I'm working for organized sponsoring all LUGs that are not
lazy to register on lug.ru site.
Victor's idea was to make first disk follow his needs. I don't
completely agree with his opninion, but it is interesting enough to
Please, understand. Almost every IT specialist has bread with butter
for breakfast. All your talks about sending thousands of linux CDs in
russia won't have a result (because Russia, as usually, will step in
the role of _the_black_hole_ if you do this), they only abuse russian 
To  russian subscribed here: If you have no money to buy Debian,
please send me reports, belive me, I'll find 3 recordable CDs and
writer if you need it.


++ 01/02/01 02:57 +0100 - Marcus Brinkmann:
> So only ten percents have monthly income of US$ 550 or more in this region.
> Even that is not a big leap, isn't it? You don't need much to survive, only US$ 34,
> but if you have only < US$ 34, you are not going to spend US$ 3 on a CD you
> can't eat (and burning it doesn't give much heat either).
> It is obvious that for the overwhelming majority of people in Russia (also
> if you restrict that to those interested in a Debian CD), the price is very
> much an issue.
> Nothing of this means anything for us. But for people interested in the
> social aspects of free software, it means a lot. I have a couple of slightly
> out of date Debian CDs which are rotting here. I am sure that there are
> thousands of such CDs in Germany, and probably ten thousands in the states
> (or more). The trouble is getting them to the place where they can be
> useful. (It's probably more expensive to collect them than to produce new
> ones, I don't know).
> Thanks,
> Marcus

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