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Re: Daemontools

programs running under daemontools usually do so by having a directory linked in /service (which should probably actually be /var/service, or at least a link to it). this directory contains a shell script ('run'). at boot one runs svscan on [/var]/service which starts supervise on each of the folders therein. supervise uses the 'run' script (and an optional 'run' script in [/var]/service/[servicename]/log) to start the service and (optionally) its logger (usually multilog). services are then controlled by pointing 'svc' at the appropriate directory (ie to 'down' and 'exit' proftpd I'd do svc -dx /service/proftpd).

this probably makes it difficult to start/stop services from /etc/init.d - perhaps it'd be better not to use svscan at all, and use init scripts to start supervise manually on a given directory, and then start/stop would use 'svc' to control the service. is this how it's done currently?

i recall seeing some work on runlevels with a memphis rpm of djb's software - not sure how it worked or how successful they were though. perhaps it's worth a look at?

- samj

Steve Greenland wrote:

On 30-Jan-01, 07:54 (CST), Klaus Reimer <kay@debian.org> wrote:
Sounds interesting. Just to be sure, I understand that thing: Do you mean I should "divert" /etc/init.d/proftpd and replace this file with an empty file

No No No!

You should divert the original init.d file and replace with the
*daemontools version*. Don't touch the rc.d links at all. This way,
the daemontools version gets run in exactly the same run levels the
original did. When you remove your packages, restore the original file
by removing the diversion.


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