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Re: RFC: Central version control for Debian

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> The typical new source package upload, even if the diff.gz is large, is only
> a small increment over the previous version.  I bet there's less than 1 MB/day
> that would be added to an existing CVS tree, but I am of course not burdened
> by the presence of any real data.

A little real data:

Package		Current tree size	Repository size		Revs 	Growth
debconf		726 kb			4.2 mb			294	5.8
boot floppies	9.7 mb			48 mb			74	4.9
bsdgames	7.3 mb			9.2 mb			28	1.26
sphinx2		24.5 mb			25 mb			3	1.02
xjewel		261 kb			291 kb			7	1.11
aalib		1.2 mb			1.5 mb			23	1.25

Revs is the number of revisions since it entered cvs (roughly: it doesn't
count cvs commits w/o a debian revision, or branches so is low for boot

Growth is repository size divided by current tree size.

Most of these packages have been in cvs for years and years. I picked
them randomly from what was at hand. While it does demonstrate that
packages that undergo a _lot_ of revisions (debconf) or that are
developed for a long time in cvs (boot floppies), can see large growths
in the repository, it also indicates that more typical packages that
are not debian-native, and receive only modest numbers of revs tend to
see growths of only 1/4 again their size in the repository over a period
of 3 to 4 years. In fact, my entire repository (56 packages) is just 1.8
times the size of the current source trees.

The ed-diff-like format used by rcs is quite efficient.

see shy jo

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