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Re: HOWTO announce ITP

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 07:48:30PM +0100, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
> >> Nils Lohner <lohner@ecf.teradyne.com> writes:
>  > If there are weekly mails or something along those lines (with a 
>  > summary of ITPs maybe), those could go to d-devel-announce.
>  I guess I can do that, too.  Something along the lines of 'Prospective
>  Packages Weekly Report'?  I'd put only new RFPs and ITPs there.  Does that
>  sound ok?  (I really don't want to mix Orphaned Packages with ITPs, but if
>  people deem that to be a good idea...)

I suggest a list of all new bug reports to wnpp; they are all
relevant.  Have the list broken into sections.  I would imagine that
there wouldn't be more than about 20 in total per week, which
shouldn't be too bad.



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