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Re: [Fwd: [RFC] Making NM 'by recommendation']

Ahm, wanted to hold myself in the background, but ...
I assume not too many of you have to visit the NM website too often, so:

> what about if the applicant must apply by sending a description
> of his/her intentions, difficulties, technical knowledge, etc...
> his/her application would be only accepted if he/she give enough
> and consistent information in that email...

> As it happens, that used to be the case before we had a web interface
> where now one only needs to fill in his email address and press the
> submit button.

I visited the pages several times, downloaded checklist for offline,
had an email ready, then read, it's better on the webpage, quicker ...

So i've put my intention, etc. from the email to cut buffers, go to the
NM page, enter my name and email-adress and - huh? did i just
subscribe to the debian newsletter, or what?

> I think the suggestion is that on the entry form (newnm.php), you
> could ask the applicant, probably before their name and email address:
> Have you read the Social Contract and DFSG and agree to abide by them
> in your Debian-related work? (You can read them <a>here</a>.) [Yes/No]

May be, that IS better, i mentioned sth. like that too, but i think the
webpage is the place to apply for documenters at best.
Somebody to apply for maintainer must be able to send signed mail
anyway and why not gather statement of intention, etc. in the first
place? AM has it available without the need to send email back & forth.
I understand that a quick response to later email works as a hint for an
AM too, but a minimum of traffic will be necessary anyway.

>> I'ld ___NEVER___ beg any one to propose me! This is n o t freedom!
> You don't need to beg, just asking someone that is familiar with you
> is enough. It's nothing terrible.

Had a small round here tonight (building a standalone, debian based
app-box) of people i try to convince of debian. Their reaction was
just the same as mine - english translation AFAIK to tap ones forehead.

A decrease of sociological diversity of debian developers would at least
have to be taken into account.

> ALL .. needed doc.. is on debian.org .. What kind of info didn't you find there?

I'll check again, try to understand _harder_, may be (help to) make it
better & return to this later? (But as a hint, there are some common Qs
on -devel from time to time, eg. BTS. It's IN the docs, just sometimes
hard to get it out again ;-)

greetings, martin

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