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Re: getinfo at request@bugs.d.o works again

Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

> >    The requested URL /debian/indices/override.unstable.main.gz was not
> >    found on this server.
> Ah, damnit, s/unstable/sid/. Apparently that has changed, too.

Err, no.  The override files have always used the codename.  The only
change is to force the main in whereas it was previously assumed (this
is mostly to bring it in line with apt-ftparchive's expectations).

BTW, why do these commands even exist?  The override files are readily
available in indices/ on any mirror; I don't see why we need to add
any pointless burden (however trivial) to the already struggling BTS.

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