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Re: Install and RAID

>>>>> "Tollef" == Tollef Fog Heen <tollef@add.no> writes:

    Tollef> At least in my reisered linux source tree, I see a
    Tollef> fs/reiserfs/utils/fsck tree.  Which includes such files as
    Tollef> 'reiserfsck.8'.  Which I guess means that there is a
    Tollef> fsck.reiser.

Its only very preliminary, and according to  fs/reiserfs/utils/README:

        [...obvious stuff about why fsck is not required after system
        has crashed omitted...]

        Reiserfs stores data on disk in a quite complicated manner. 
        As a result reiserfsck is not a simple program. It surely
        still contains bugs. Backup the target partition first.
        If fsck will fail, you will be able to ask us to debug
        it using your backed up copy of the partition in the

        Finally, please be patient, there is so much that an fsck
        ought to be able to do, and Vitaly is working hard at it.
        It will take him several years, but we hope the end result
        will be something that lets you edit the fs in an interactive
        editor such that anything can be recovered, and we want to go
        further with this than any FS has gone before.  This version
        contains just the bare minimum presented without any
        significant opportunity for you to control it, we regret to say.

and the Makefile doesn't even try to compile it by default:

# Warning : reiserfsck is beta-test quality only, see the README
#           We hope that it will be ready soon.


ALL_SUB_DIRS = mkreiserfs debugreiserfs  resize_reiserfs
# emu fsck

so one day it will be ready for production use, but not yet...
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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