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Re: debconf question

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 11:21:48PM +0100, Klaus Reimer wrote:
> Just for interest: What if the upstream version provides scripts to edit 
> php's and apache's configfiles? Is it allowed to call these script from 
> postinst?

Yes you can do that. 
see: - update-inetd
     - update-mime
     - update-rc.d
     - install-info
     - ...

see 4.7.4. 'Sharing configuration files' in the debian-policy
> And if I forget all that auto-configure-stuff and put the installation 
> instructions into README.Debian shall I output a "Read that file"-notice via 
> debconf or is it best to keep the package installation silent?

yes you can do that, but use an low priority (medium?).

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