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Re: Tripwire

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Haber <debian-devel.lists.debian.org@marc-haber.de> writes:
    Marc> If anybody has any experiences with the new open source
    Marc> tripwire and maybe even rolled their own package, I am
    Marc> interested to try it.

Tripwire has been waiting on my being comfortable thay my packaging of
the new version will not completely hose folks running version 1.2
(and for R/L to slow down a little).  I realise that it's "only
non-free software" to some but preventing it's current users from
continuing to validate their systems would be Very Bad, IM(NS)HO.

If I don't upload a new version of tripwire by Monday, I won't get
upset about someone else choosing to take it over.

BTW, tripwire will *not* be moving to main; it will be in non-US/main
instead.  This is due to the upstream source's inclusion and use of
the crypto++ library.


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