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genchanges and Build-Depends:

I've been working on ae this afternoon, and have had a strange experience.

One of the bugs against ae complained about lack of Build-Depends: in the
package, so I added it. Everything seemed to build OK, with no errors.

After uploading the package, I noticed that I had mistakenly added a
symlink from /usr/man/man1/ae.1.gz to /usr/share/man/man1/ae.1.gz (and a
broken one at that...), so I went back and removed the bogus lines from
the script. Now when I build the package, genchanges complains that it
doesn't recognize the Build-Depends: field and fails to include it in the

I'm working on a "pure" woody system, upgraded from a potato install.
Nothing was changed between the first and second build except for the
preinst script changes.

Anyone have any idea what gives here? How do I do a Build-Depends: field
that genchanges will accept?


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