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Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT

++ 16/01/01 17:42 +0100 - Marek Habersack:
> > You don't have to compile packages for other architectures yourself,
> > either. The autobuilders do that, much easier than your or I can do it by hand.
> They don't fix bugs for me. If I want my software to work on a different
> architecture and the software has some architecture dependent things, _and_
> I don't have machines of that architecture available, but Debian as a
> project has them, then I do need the account to make the software work OK.
> And no autobuilder will guarantee that. Please, let us not make another
> flamewar out of this issue - it was just a single argument among others (and
> not the most important one).

There is sourceforge compile farm for this purposes, can't you use it?

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