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Re: (long reply) Re: NM saga (all of it - Joey, this means you)

** On Jan 16, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho scribbled:
> On 20010116T020152+0200, Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:
> > Don't forget that processing phase depends on applicant's response time and
> > DAM approval depends solely on DAM. So, this is a problem.
> As far as I have heard, the DAM approval time depends also on the quality
> of that particular AM report and on the quality of previous reports by the
> same AM.
> James has IIRC stated that there are AM's whose reports he can process fast,
> as he knows (from experience from their earlier reports) that they make accurate
> reports and that they do their job as an AM in an excellent manner.  Then there
> are AM's whose reports may require him to double-check or even ask for more
> data.  It's natural that reports from the former set of AM's may be
> more often looked at than reports from the latter.
What does it have to do with NMs? What is the fault of NMs in that case? I
fail to see that. If there are AMs who aren't trustworthy enough then they
should be replaced by those trustworthy ones. All accros this thread the NMs
are accused of the lack of respect, of flaming "senior developers" or being
rude, of having big mouth, of the greed for the @debian.org account/mail
just for the sake of it - one could enumerate those accusations even longer.
But, so far, the only problem was that there were shortcomings on the Debian
Project side - lack of time, now lack of expertize (that's how I understand
the above). Ben Collins apparently doesn't trust AMs, now you state that DAM
also doesn't trust them. Something's _really_ wrong in that picture - but
it's certainly not NMs that should be blamed for it. Frankly, I don't think
anyone has to be blamed - just a solution should be found that will cure the
problem and satisfy both sides (what do I say - both sides?? We are all
supposed to be on the _same_ side...). Could we hear at least ONE
proposition from the "senior developers" on how to resolve the above (two)

> James named some AM's who are in the former category and none of the latter.
> I no longer remember the names.
Wouldn't it be nice of James if he let the NMs know that their AM is one
that falls in the "worse" category? Then at least the poor NM would prepare
for 12-months of waiting.


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