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Re: making sponsorship easier and make (love && (!war))

++ 16/01/01 21:33 +0900 - Junichi Uekawa:
> In Tue, 16 Jan 2001 00:16:09 +0300 Peter Novodvorsky <nidd@debian.org> cum veritate scripsit :
> > Next idea is that committee is shareing one incoming queue. People
> > doesn't need to seek for sponsors. They just upload their packages to
> > SDB upload queue. Any comments?
> I think this obfuscates who is responsible for sponsoring the package
> too much.

We have QA. It is responsible for orphaned packages. Does it obfuscate
who is responsible for sponsoring the package? Anyway, we can register
who uploaded the package last time. 

> I would rather vote for making Bolzer's (sp?) page to be
> merged into Debian pages.

That won't help, i think. Do developers visit www.d.o often? The only
bookmark I have for w.d.o is Debian weekly news.

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