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making sponsorship easier and make (love && (!war))

Hello Debian-brothers and Debian-sisters!

I'd like to make a proposal that suggests alternative to
new-maintainer process:

I'm writing a software named Sponsoring Build Daemon. It is aimed to
help process of sponsoring for developer-sponsor. 
    Package	  |   SBD    |	       	       	        	  
    Creator  ---> | Incoming | -> (1) --> Ofic. Developer's Checks
               	  |  Queue   | 	       	       	    |  	       
       	  	   ----------               	   \ /
      	       	       	       	       	  Debian Incoming Queue

(1) This is where SBD makes his work. SBD takes files from incoming,
checks signature of .changes file if it came from creator of package,
builds it, checks if it is installable, lintians it (most common
errors). If error appears, SBD mails log to package creator, In other
case it moves compiled packages to developer's directory where he
makes final checks, that couldn't be found with lintian. If everything
is alright, he signs dsc and changes files and uploads to debian
incoming queue.

I think it's clear. It should improve sponsoring process and make it
faster. The only disadvantage I saw while not being debian developer
is slow sponsoring process.

As you see from scheme, developer's checks are necessary and developer
using this software must be careful. Maybe we can make some sponsoring


PS.  I'm really tired of this flame too.
PPS. Make Love not war!

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