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Re: use and abuse of debconf

>>>>> " " == Henrique M Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> writes:

     > On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Goswin Brederlow wrote:
    >> Can be allow users to read certain answeres from the debconf?
    >> It would be much easier to just read the values from debconf
    >> instead of changing a config file every time and sourcing that.

     > Please don't!  If people start storing important state in
     > debconf like that, that means we will need to extract that data
     > from debconf's database if we want to move a package and all
     > its configuration somewhere else.

Well, thats a valid point.

I did this for cron.daily/debian-mirror. When run it checks with
debconf weather it should run and if not, it does exit 0. Since cron
is root, that works fine.

     > Debconf is NOT meant to become the Debian Registry (in
     > reference to that horrid excuse for an OS we all know and many
     > of us hate). At least I *sure* hope so...

I though about splitting up /etc/debian-mirror.conf into
/etc/debian-mirror.conf and /etc/debian-mirror.debconf. Anything in
the first file would overrule anything in the later.
/etc/debian-mirror.debconf would not be a conffile, which makes
lintian scream at me.

Any good idea where to place the .debconf file thats consistent with
policy, lintian and common sense?


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