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Re: use and abuse of debconf

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> Can be allow users to read certain answeres from the debconf? It would
> be much easier to just read the values from debconf instead of
> changing a config file every time and sourcing that.

Please don't!  If people start storing important state in debconf like that,
that means we will need to extract that data from debconf's database if we
want to move a package and all its configuration somewhere else.

Debconf is NOT meant to become the Debian Registry (in reference to that
horrid excuse for an OS we all know and many of us hate). At least I *sure*
hope so...

  "One disk to rule them all, One disk to find them. One disk to bring
  them all and in the darkness grind them. In the Land of Redmond
  where the shadows lie." -- The Silicon Valley Tarot
  Henrique Holschuh

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