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Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT

Hi Marcus,

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 05:32:40PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Nothing of this is hard to understand. But if this happens, you have to pass
> on the general staff. If you don't care about new maintainers, because you
> don't think there is much value in them, leave them alone. But let other
> people do the work that is necessary to let them in.

If there's one thing I've learnt in 10+ years of coding, it's that
no single person is a guru at everything. In general, it's almost entirely
inadequate to assume something about the talents/abilities of another hacker.

Even in the most elitist circle I've ever been (demo scene), people
used to appreciate the work others did and welcomed new hackers joining
their ranks.

About debian: The skills required for maintaining a handful of software
so that they are built and configured well enough on half a dozen
architectures is not a very difficult task. I pretty much think a lot
of younger hackers, say about 14-16, would have all the skills for
maintaining a debian package. So, skill isn't a very cruical issue. Debian
can use all the volunteer force it can. (we're not doing black magic here) [*]

> Now, there is a lot of paranoia around here about floods of hostile new
> maintainers corrupting Debian. There has not the slightest indication
> that those fears have merit, not to talk about proof. But if you care abuot
> that, you help improving the protections, and not hinder dozens of other
> people doing *their* work.

As I said, the work is easy and letting people do their contributions
conveniently is the way to go.

I have 10+ packages in the archive, and I guess I, and most possibly others,
have the right to ask some questions about the fairness/efficiency of the
process. I only intend to realize more of the contributions on my todo

> We shall not forget the principles free software is built on, and that
> Debian is a project that lives entirely on and from this principles. If you
> violate them, you risk the fate of forking or failing.

Thanks for these comments. It is free software that we care about.

[*] Well, except for the hurd people I bet!! I've been following the
work you and other hurd hackers have been doing and be informed
that all the energy and time you're putting into hurd is fully appreciated.
Soon, there will be more hurd hackers.

Eray (exa) Ozkural
Comp. Sci. Dept., Bilkent University, Ankara
e-mail: erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr
www: http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~erayo

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