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Re: NM lurking behind the scene (quite long)

heh now I know there's intelligent life in d-devel, I agree with you in all
points we're a tem, (am I being an intruder including me in debian with this
"we"?? hehhee) I think constructive criticisms, suggestions are much better
them flames... If you'e not sattisfied about something just ask the other 
to make it different, suggest it... talk to him, if none work do it yourself
I am not coming inside Debian to show others a @debian.org mail or to tell
everyone I'm able to login in a Debian machine, I want to take part on the
team, I want to help the ideal of freedom to grow, did you all forget about
the philosophy?

As I said before I'm not asking for a @debian.org mail account, I just 
want to be able to upload my packages, I think that in the NM proccess
I've proved I'm able to do that... If not I would not have passed the
tests... I'm asking for 2 things, right to upload my packages without
botheriing other developers, right to help Debian grow, is it too much?
Is it bad in any ways? One may say that there are other things I can
do without an account, but and if I'm not able to help that other things?
And if I'm able to help those other things and also help on things that
need an account?

If you don't want to call me debian developer no need for that I'm not
coming for status, I'm coming to help... 

Let's move on, there're many other topics to be discussed in this list
other than NM proccess, btw, there's a mailing list for that am I wrong?
If not I think it should be created... let's talk about developing Debian
now, let's forget about all this discussion and do things as clear and
as right as they should be... 

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 06:19:50PM +0100, Luca De_Vitis wrote:
> P.S.: how many typo errors?... ;) I hope I made me understand... this matter.
heheh typos are not so important =) but I'll file a bug against the
pseudo package Luca so that you can fix them all with an NMU =P lol

> aliases: Luca ^De [A-Z][A-Za-z\-]*[iy]'\?s$
> e-mail: devitis at (students dot )?cs dot unibo dot it
> homepage: http://www.Students.CS.UniBO.IT/~devitis
> anti SPAM: s/\ dot\ /./ , s/ at /@/  && solve_regex(e-mail)
I can see you love regexps hehehe

by FRIENDS =) no war =) do you remeber hippie movement? now we should
create the neo-hippie movement all about free software hehehe =)


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