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Re: (calm reply) Re: New-maintainer - STOP YOUR SHIT

Man, this whole response was a real waste. I don't care if you maintain
1 package, or 10 million. The point is that not every joe shmoe working
on or with Debian needs a freaking @debian.org email address and an
account on our servers. For christ sake, it's not like we are talking
about season tickers to a game, these are highly precious parts of

People with @debian.org email addresses represent Debian, even if they
don't intend to be. Some one posting to whatever, using that email
address reflects on Debian.

Access to our machines is a security issue. For every new account,
there's more effort in assuring our systems are secure. It gives them
physical access to our resources (can we say warez and irc kiddies using
foo.debian.org to distribute warez or take part in a packet fest on

So get back on track, stop complaining about every little sentence that
doesn't suit your priorities.


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