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Re: [EOT after resolution] NM flamefest

On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 11:19:41AM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> No, I'm sure you mean "the only way to shut me up is to give me my
> debian.org email address and my account to your leet boxes!"

OK, I have been trying to follow various parts of this thread for a while
now.  Being in the nm queue, it obviously should be important to me.

I see two sets of complaints here:

1. Ben Collins: @debian.org is sacred and should only be given to specific
people after they have proven themselves through various tasks that meet his
approval.  (this kind of thinking is in Debian standards WHERE?)

2. Applicants (with large waiting times):  We want the ability to upload and
contribute more to Debian which, as an entity is obviously important to us.

Is it just me or have people like Ben completely missed the point?  It seems
to me that what he is screaming about is obviously the most important thing
to him about his own blessed development status.  

I feel letting people in who have contributing to Debian at the top of their
list of motivations regarding Debian as opposed to people who value the
elitist @debian.org above all else regarding the project would benefit the 
quality of Debian as a whole.

Of course, there is apparently some mystical change that should happen to me
after I get accepted where contributing will no longer matter nearly as much
as barricading the walls against all the lesser developers who want a
@debian.org address...  So hey, I guess I may be agreeing with Ben sometime


Not likely.

-Nathan Dabney
Open Source Development Lab
Aspiring Debian Contributer

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