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Re: menu: apropriate section for DockApps; list of menu hints in use?

Marcelo E. Magallon schrieb:
> >> Arthur Korn <arthur@korn.ch> writes:

>  > You're right in general though. A "WMDock" menu hint would
>  > probably make sense.

I used "Dockapp", a glimpse on a apt-cache search dock shows
only WindowMaker stuff, so this seems to be OK.

>  Sounds ok, but what should I do with it?


Well, in your dockapp packages add them to your menu file, for
WMnd it is:


You can add more hints, for a list of hints used by installed
packages do
grep hints= /usr/lib/menu/*|sed 's/.*hints="*\([a-zA-Z,]*\).*/\1/'|tr , "\n"|sort|uniq
there seems to be no "hints policy", just add what seems
reasonable to you.)


They are used by menu to optimize the menu structure, the
effects are quite impressive, though most packages still don't
provide hints.

There will be a Debian kolumn about this on
http://www.symlink.ch soon (I've written it already), thus at
least german speaking users will begin to use menu hints soon. ;)

ciao, 2ri
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