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Re: NM queue is still OPEN -- at least, officially (Re: (calmer reply) Re: New-maintainer)

Hi Taketoshi!

You wrote:

> No, they can't be perfect, since they are human, and perhaps they
> needs the peace and the rest sometimes.  IMHO, they should not be
> blamed at, with the reason of they are only mortal.

I don't think this is the issue here at all. I think the problem is that
for NM waiting in the queue, the DAM approval process is very obscure
and non-transparent.

It would probably help to have a web page on which the DAM queue is
explicitly displayed, so that people can see how many people are in
front of them in the queue. This would imply, of course, that the queue
is really a queue (in the sense of a FIFO). At the moment, the
applicants in the DAM queue seem to be processed a bit at random (or maybe
they are sorted by application date, alphabet, or AM?? Can anyone please
comment on this assumption?). 

Kind regards,
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