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(calmer reply) Re: New-maintainer - STOP YOUR SHIT

Evolution is compiling in the background (will take ages), and I'm reading
my mail with cat ~/Maildir/new/* | less. So don't complain about

Responding to Ben:
        Basically, in the _last_ New Maintainer-related flamewar we had, you
complained about "dedication". That all new maintainers weren't "dedicated"
to Debian enough. That we shouldn't really have the 1, 2, or 3 package
people. What _I_ am telling YOU (again, *sigh*) is that you can maintain 2
packages, or you can maintain 30,000. Me, I take 2. And, BTW, my priorities
are fine. What I was saying is that between school, work, and some semblance 
of a life, I don't have much spare time, but that I do, I try to spend on
Debian. I probably could maintain 10-ish (minor) packages, but I don't want
to throw myself into the deep end wrt BTS, etc. Just the exact same way as
you don't throw a baby into the middle of the Pacific Ocean to teach it to
swim. Of course not. You put it in a wading pool, it gets used to water,
then eventually learns to swim and, hell, maybe it becomes another Tammy van
Wisse (long-distance swimmer) and swims from .au to $FARAWAYPLACE.

Anyway, what I'm saying here is that I really don't have the time to be 100%
"dedicated" to Debian, but I'm glad to be helping out any way I can. Same
with many others. Keep the NMs rolling. I'm very happy re: the proposal to
only provide real accounts and email addresses on request with a very good
reason. Thrilling. Then, no uB3r-l3eT dickheads, right?

Aha. A quote. "Then why are you wasting time worrying about Debian?" - in
short, I don't want to be worried. I want to maintain my own little packages
in my own little world and squash my own little bugs in my own little part
of Debian and be happy. This should not take up too much time with a minimal
amount of packages, and, hopefully, flamewars. (Yes, I know I got head-first
into one, but that's like when person A punches person B in the face and
they get in a fight, and person C walks up to person B and says, "I thought
you didn't like fighting?". Not done).

Oooh, another, joy! "I just said to stop the increasing flow of new
maintainers into the Debian ranks, since they don't all need to have
accounts and email addy's to do work." - What's wrong with this "increasing
flow" of new maintainers? You say that like it's a bad thing. Does the Red
Cross bemoan the fact that so many people are volunteering to collect for
them? (and, before you say anything, we're certainly more stringent
than the Red Cross). Plus, I think the "don't dish out accounts & emails
without a good reason" idea is a good one. See above.

And, in response to Adam:
Saying stuff like he said isn't going to get *him* friends, either. That was
my honest feeling, and it's no different. The subject line included "STOP
YOUR SHIT", so I think we're down to "SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE" from me, and
yes, he should take all he said and shove it straight up his arse. 

So the NMs don't like the big-headed ones like you. Hell, *most* developers
don't like said big-headed ones, judging from conversations I've had. You're
not shaping up to be much better.

I know I don't have to work 23.9 hours a day to become a maintainer. In the
last flamewar, Ben Collins was bemoaning the single, double or triple
package people and waving around the "ded*cation" word. Basically, I'm happy
to do whatever I can whenever I can, and if that means only maintaining 3
packages, but doing it bloody well, great.

Nonono, you see, what I meant was that the sponsors wouldn't be getting any
of *THEIR* work done. They'd spend all their Debian time doing sponsoring.
I'm saying that the sponsors now do (inefficently) work, but getting an
account is a far, far, FAR better way. If we closed NM off and made every NM
work through a sponsor, not only would the number balloon, making it far
more inefficient, said sponsors would get fed up and leave, but there'd be
no-one who had risen through the NM queue to become a developer and felt
like being a sponsor to sponsor people, rinse, repeat.


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