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ITP : snes9express - GTK+ frontend to snes9x-x

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I have already packaged snes9xpress, would just like to announce my intent to
upload it if that's ok...

You may find my changes here:

snes9express is a graphical (GTK+) front-end for the X11 version of snes9x.
It allows for fast/easy playing of super nes games via snes9x-x, and has other
features like profiling for different rom's, etc.

In my experience it is quite stable, occasionally snes9x-x does crash, in
which case snes9express indicates this 'child process terminated with non-zero
exit code' or similar, and continues gracefully.

The majority of the code in snes9express is released under the ARTISTIC
license, with a few files released into the public domain, however since it
depends on snes9x-x which is non-free, I believe it should go into contrib.

It's homepage is:

It's a pretty small package, roughly 400k installed, but it really makes
snes9x a lot easier to use.

I'm not on -devel, so please cc: any responses to me,
 - brian.
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