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Re: problems managing package with CVS

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Ruffin <c.ruffin@ieee.org> writes:

    Chris> I have my package in a local CVS repository.  Lately, a new
    Chris> upstream version of the software arrived, and I imported it
    Chris> with a vendor tag and merged the changes from the previous
    Chris> version into the tree using the method recommended on the
    Chris> debian.org website:

This is what I thought should happen (why is this not the case?):

1. when you import the new upstream version into CVS, cvs realizes that
certain files are missing from the "source-dist" branch, and marks
them as deleted, for the "source-dist" branch.

2. when you type in:
    Chris> cvs checkout -jsource-dist:yesterday -jsource-dist
    Chris> <package>

as cvs uses the files from the source-dist branch for the files on the
main branch (unless you changed the file, in which case it will use
the main branch and won't work[1]), it should automatically add/remove
any files as required. (hope that makes sense!)

However, cvs-upgrade, from the "cvs-buildpackage" package recommends
that you:

echo "# Don't forget cvs-co-upgrade $cvsmodule <OLD-VERSION> $upstream_version"

while I was maintaining heimdal using cvs, I could never work out why
this step was required, but basically (I think) it runs "cvs add" and
"cvs remove" on any new and old files (it compares the tar.gz files).

[1] if you did change the file, the info documentation recommends using
"cvs admin -bsource-dist" to revert back to the upstream branch.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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