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Re: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT

On Sat, 13 Jan 2001, Daniel Stone wrote:

> here's your reply -
> stop YOUR shit

This is not the way to make friends.

> (oh goody, can't wait until Ben Collins steps in and tells me I need to be
> 100% dedicated despite having Debian as a hobby in between the two most
> important years of school that determine what course I get into and a job).
> I am fucking sick of all the shit that comes in from all of you people.

And we aren't supposed to be sick of whiners like you?  For ever action there
is an equal and opposite reaction.

> Here's the one great Ben Collins idea:
> 	Let's boot all the developers who don't work on Debian 23.9 hours a
> day and make them all work through sponsors!
> Ignoring the facts:

You do not have to work 23.9 hours a day on debian to become a maintainer.

> 	If everyone had to work through sponsors, instead of becoming
> full-fledged maintainers, the SPONSORS would get NO work done. NONE AT ALL.
> why? too busy sponsoring shit. SO, let's end the flames, keep the NM
> rolling, the flames end, so the developers ALL have time. capiche?
> the next person to mention the words "dedication" or "sponsors" get their
> eyes poked out with a biro. NO EXCEPTIONS.
> daniel

This is reverse logic.  The sponsors ARE getting work done.  They are helping
out fledgling maintainers.  Are you saying what the sponsors do is not
work?  Come on.  That's not the case at all.

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ps: I hope you aren't on the new maintainer queue.

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