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Re: lilo 21.6-2 default less compatible

On Friday 12 January 2001 22:27, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> > Was your problem related to the presence of "compact" or the absense of
> > "lba32"?
> Suppose that it was due to compact, as you know compact is not that
> compatible, but I cannot tell for sure, as it was  taking me a lot of time
> to boot from a potato rescue floppy wich was giving a lot of errors on the
> woody machine, I finally added lba32 and compact at the same time, and it
> worked ok, I cannot try them one by one now as I don't have phisical access
> to the machine in case it breaks.

OK.  I'll make the next version default to not doing compact then.

You say "as you know compact is not that compatible", however I can't agree 
with that.  I have never seen it fail, I have to trust the documentation 
about it causing problems.

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