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local facilities and official packages

Hi all

I am not a Debian maintainer, but i use Debian to develop my programs and
i use it usually.

Recently, some future Debian maintainer talks me about not using local0 to
local7 facilities since they are only to be used by local packages, not
Debian official packages, but i think pppd, chat and diald are using
local2. I have an entry in my syslog.conf 

local2.*		-/var/log/ppp.log

and i have no other reference to ppp.log, and all the logs generated by
this three programs are saved into this file.

Are local? facilities reserved in Debian for some purpose?
Where can i find more information about syslog policy in Debian?

Thanks a lot and happy new year.

Andres Seco Hernandez, MCP ID 445900
AndresSH@ctv.es - http://www.ctv.es/USERS/andressh
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