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Re: Debian unstable tar incompatible with 1.13.x?

>>>>> " " == safemode  <safemode@voicenet.com> writes:

     > I have used tar with gzip and bzip2 in debian unstable and in
     > each case users who use older versions of tar ( like 1.13.11 )
     > were unable to decompress it.

Well, bzip2 is known. Just doesn't work anymore (see the big flameware
here :)

     > [49: huff+mtf rt+rld]data integrity (CRC) error in data

Thats strange. Do you have a small example as tar and tar.gz file?
Best would be the same data once with the old and once with the new

     > and such error messages like that .  This troubles me greatly.
     > Any info about this?  I'm using debian unstable's current tar
     > and bzip2 and gzip to make the tarballs.


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