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Re: egcs/gcc?

taneli@firmament.fi said:
>Nonono, if you read Documentation/Changes for 2.4 it actually says that
>o  Gnu C                  2.91.66                 # gcc --version
>Please note specifically this part of the same file
>Note that gcc is no longer a supported kernel compiler. The kernel
>no longer works around bugs in gcc and, in fact, will refuse to
>be compiled with it.

Not only that, but

    Robert B. Easter asked which were the recommended compiler versions
    for 2.2.18 and the 2.4-test series. For 2.2.18, Barry K. Nathan
    recommended, "gcc is safest, but egcs 1.1.2 should be safe
    even for mission-critical stuff. gcc 2.95.2 seems to work for many
    people, but isn't necessarily safe." For 2.4 he recommended, "egcs
    1.1.2 is the safe choice, but gcc 2.95.2 seems to work. gcc
    miscompiles 2.4 more often than not, so 2.4 has a preprocessor check
    that stops any attempts to compile it with" He added that
    the Documentation/Changes file would answer the compiler question
    for each particular release.  

Is there any way to use egcs 1.1.2 on debian short of compiling it
yourself? Should there be?


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