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Re: Developer Behavior [new maintainer waiting period]

On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Marek Habersack wrote:

> > Note that I did not flaunt my deeds to the new maintainer team.  My nightly
> neither do I do that... It's just that I _really_ want to work and
> contribute to Debian and being a de-facto developer but not _Debian_
> developer my contributions are very limited. I have maintained the above
> packages for quite some time and posted to this list only _once_ - it was an
> ITP which passed without echo. One would expect some kind of reaction - "go
> away", "ok, you can do that", "no, don't do that" etc. etc. OK, I'm going
> off topic :-))) Anyhow, my problem is that I have something (and possibly
> more) to contribute, I have a will to contribute, I have the skills to
> contribute but have no way to contribute. And this is the _only_ problem I
> have wrt Debian.

One wave in an ocean will be missed.  A gentle, blowing breeze, will get the
boats going.  However, a full gale wind will not be helpful.

Anyways, this sub-thread has gone on long enough.  I just posted this last
time because I thought I came up with a good saying. :)

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