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Re: Developer Behavior [new maintainer waiting period]

** On Jan 08, Adam Heath scribbled:
> > Hmm... http://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium,
> > http://debian.vip.net.pl/caudium-unstable - does that prove _anything_ about
> > me? I guess not and the NM process is what there's needed to confirm whether
> > the applicant can do anything good for the project or not and the person to
> > judge that is the person assigned to the applicant. Having said that, I want
> > to ask what did you mean by writing the above statement?
> Note that I did not flaunt my deeds to the new maintainer team.  My nightly
neither do I do that... It's just that I _really_ want to work and
contribute to Debian and being a de-facto developer but not _Debian_
developer my contributions are very limited. I have maintained the above
packages for quite some time and posted to this list only _once_ - it was an
ITP which passed without echo. One would expect some kind of reaction - "go
away", "ok, you can do that", "no, don't do that" etc. etc. OK, I'm going
off topic :-))) Anyhow, my problem is that I have something (and possibly
more) to contribute, I have a will to contribute, I have the skills to
contribute but have no way to contribute. And this is the _only_ problem I
have wrt Debian.

> emails would have been a part of a normal developer updating his fellow
> maintainers.  I was perfectly content to keep all those debs in a staging
> area, while I waited for an account, as I knew the work would eventually be
> placed in debian.
Well, I've been waiting for so long and I'll wait more, but that's not the
problem we should discuss. The problem is why does it take so long? Wouldn't
it be good to add additional "sorting" measure to applicants that have been
accepted? Just take a look at how many packages they created/maintain
(outside of debian, of course) install those packages, take a look at their
quality etc. and then, based on those _technical_ criteria, file a vote with
DAM on that maintainer? Even in a democratic system there are priorities and
the Debian priority wrt NMs should be the technical skills of the person
being investigated. The other things like attitude, communication
capability, philosophy will come up when the person is in Debian whether we
like it or not...

> To restate, I did the work, not because I wanted to get in to debian, but
> because the work had to be done, and no one else was working on those packages
> at the time.~
I can only say I did the same with the above (and more) packages. But since
I've applied to become a Debian developer I would expect and wish them to
get into Debian...


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