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Re: Developer Behavior

Yes, it took me about a year's wait also.

The point I'm making is that complaining to volunteers is ineffective
unless you give a solution.

Now that you and Eray have publically complained about the team's slowness,
that means that after you complete the NM process, you both be joining the
NM team to help your fellow developers get processed quicker, right?

I'm not being sarcastic, my initial account manager who did the interviews
and stuff had just completed the process a few months ago, so I assume
you'll be joining the new maintainer team just like he did.

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On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 10:17:42AM -0600, Vince Mulhollon wrote:
> "waiting for DAM approval, whenever that is supposed to happen"
> on the "supposed to happen")

No offense to the DAM, but I share Eray's pedicament and feel that I
could definately contribute more effectively if I had the ability to
make uploads. Currently I go through a sponsor, which works but is
less efficent than being able to contribute directly.
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